Developing Leaders



Our data shows that coaching is an opportunity for significant individual growth and focus. However, most enterprise coaching programs fail to align and track their results to organizational goals. While coaching works, it often fails to translate data-driven and tangible progress from the individual to the enterprise level. 


The Five Principles of Our Leadership Competency Approach:

  1. Tailored – Leadership competencies that focus on the critical elements of success within the context of an organization’s current state and desired future, not an exhaustive list of leadership skills.
  2. Focused Design – Competencies and learning attuned to observable behaviors and mindsets, which utilize skills, tools, and proven processes.
  3. Cohort Design – Capability building is accelerated and deepened when people have the chance for robust dialogue with peers and those beyond their immediate sphere of influence, which reduces organizational siloes.
  4. Beyond Theory – Behavior change and transformation paired with what people can take back to their desks and apply immediately.
  5. Sustainable Progress – Capability building is a journey, not a single touch point or event, and includes education, coaching, mentoring, and practical real-world application.