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At Echo Five Group, we are committed to being the most customer-focused, reliable, and empathetic organizational improvement consulting firm. We partner with our clients to understand their goals and challenges, using our expertise, tools, and methodologies to help them reach their full potential. Our core values are rooted in extensive research on what drives long-term organizational success, growth, and sustainability. We have designed solutions that enable human capital to flourish in any organizational setting, benefiting both the individual and the organization. 

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Augustine Queener


Erikka Baker

Senior Advisor

Keji Fakeye

Senior Advisor

Tarance Ferrell

Senior Advisor

Will Heppner

Senior Advisor

Tonnika Jackson

Senior Advisor

Grant Martin

Senior Advisor

Bijan Nekoie

Senior Advisor

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Benita Robinson

Senior Advisor

Cathleen Szebrat

Senior Advisor


Sandra Walker

Senior Advisor

Eric Wilson

Senior Advisor

Emma Svoboda

Principal Advisor

Shaniqua Knight

Financial Operations Manager

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Ashley Allen

Business Operations

Roman Bolanos

Director, Facilities and Cyber Security

Timothy Kliensmith

Director of Quality Management

Victoria Kinsler

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Kia Kinsler

Director of Professional Learning

Cynthia Swinney

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Bonnie Tavolazzi

Customer Success Officer (CSO)

Teresa Vanderford

Facility Security and Technology Officer (FSO/CTO)

John Kinsler

CEO & President